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Web Designing

Today, there is a rise in the flux of dynamic content over the websites. Websites are no longer comprised of static pages, meant only to display content but are becoming an important strategic element of a company. Today websites understand and create relevant data and information themselves and also handles queries to a great extent.

DCN & MARS specializes in building complex web applications for clients who require custom-built websites and online software to improve business processes and streamline operations. From complicated order or booking placement system to points calculation systems with multi-lingual content management system to intranet applications; chances are that the feature you are looking for your application, we may have already done it in part or full for another application.

Our web developers create web solutions after consulting with the clients about their needs and requirements. We understand that every business has varied demands and its website should be unique from others. All our website development projects involve a lot of input and consultation with the customer and stakeholders at every stage of the web design process. The consultation starts very early in our website development process. As the customer first contacts us, we take great care in understanding his requirements and expectations from the website. We make sure that we understand their business, business model and what exactly they require from their website design and development. Through consultative approach, we try to analyse client needs to work on the development plan accordingly. We involve our clients at every level of web development to ensure that the website comes out to be just the way they want, or even better.