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Data Center Services

Communications happening over the cloud, or over a bring-your-own device, or even through a virtual portal all have new types of requirements that older security platforms just could not meet. Furthermore, at the core of all of these new technologies sits the data center. With so much more reliance around the modern data center infrastructure and everything that it hosts, security platforms had to make that next-level jump. A data center is responsible for the entire online infrastructure of a company. Outsourcing your data center is the ideal way to be responsive to the increasing IT demands and reducing cost pressures for your business. DCN & MARS provides one window solution for deployment of data centers with a proven track record to deploy Active and DR data centers for major Enterprise and Carriers. Our Data Center services include all phases (excluding building construction) including active and passive work like air-conditioning, rack installation, power solutions, data cable laying (copper and fiber), network equipment solutions and deployment, servers and storage network solutions and deployment. Regardless of the complexity, our approach is always based on your data center design. All the services are provided as per international standards and specifications. Easy access mechanism to data silos is another deciding factor in the realm of a modern business. Business leaders today, use this functionality to get a clearer picture of trends and patterns. Deploying the latest DCN & MARS Data Center Solutions would result in value addition to your business model specifically in the following areas

  • Lower TCO
  • Greater Agility
  • Improved Resilience
  • Enterprise Solution
  • Improved Service Levels